Attempts over the years to address environmental problems in Ghana have been largely ad-hoc and cosmetic or at best, sector-oriented and therefore limited in scope. With global awareness of the consequences of environmental degradation, there has been a new direction and thrust in national development efforts to ensure that due cognisance is taken of environmental issues.

Fugar & Company has for this reason, recently focused on environmental issues and has a growing practice in this area.

The principal area of the firm’s work involves giving advice on the full range of environmental issues including compliance, liability and control. The firm also assists in the preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment Statements and processing of applications for authorisation, licences and permits. The firm has experience preparing and producing Environmental Impact Assessment Statements for several major mining projects and for an explosives factory.

The Firm’s strategy in this area is to provide clients with a tailor-made and cost effective comprehensive service to prevent environmental degradation and to minimise financial consequential loss.

It frequently works with environmental scientists and has in conjunction with the environmental division of a Geneva-based company, reviewed all laws on the environmental and mining regime in Ghana with a view to updating them and advising on their practicability or otherwise.